You are currently viewing RENAULT  DF Fault Code List (manufacturer fault)

RENAULT DF Fault Code List (manufacturer fault)

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The RENAULT EN DF Fault Code List (manufacturer fault)

DF00 10115 coolant temperature sensor circuit
DF002 0110 Air temperature sensor circuit
DF004 012A boost pressure sensor circuit
DF007 0190 Rail pressure sensor circuit
DF011 0641 voltage supply; one of the sensors
DF012 0651 Voltage Power; 2 sensors
DF013 0697 Voltage; 3 sensors
DF015 0657 main relay control circuit
DF025 0380 preheating unit diagnostic connection
DF026 0201 Cylinder 1 injector control circuit
DF027 0202 Injector control circuit cylinder 2
DF028 0203 Cylinder 3 injector control circuit

DF029 0204 Injector control circuit cylinder 4
DF032 1641 relay control circuit heater 1
DF033 1642 heater relay control circuit 2
DF034 1643 heater relay control circuit 3
DF038 0606 Calculator
DF047 0560 Computer supply voltage
DF050 0571 Brake Switch Circuit
DF051 0564 controller Function / speed limiter
DF052 Injectors control circuit 0200
DF053 0089 Rail pressure regulation function
DF054 0045 turbocharging solenoid control circuit
DF056 0100 air flow sensor circuit
DF090 0500 vehicle speed sensor circuit
DF098 0180 Fuel temperature sensor circuit
DF101 C121 multiplexed trajectory control Link
DF120 0335 engine speed sensor signal
DF195 0016 Consistency cam shaft sensor / engine speed
DF200 2226 Atmospheric pressure sensor
DF201 0101 Information air flow sensor
DF209 0409 EGR valve position sensor circuit
DF272 0487 EGR valve control circuit
DF293 2264 Detector of water in diesel fuel
DF297 2002 Particle filter
DF304 245A EGR bypass circuit
DF310 1544 Temp Sensor. * Upstream particle filter
DF319 0340 Cam shaft sensor circuit
DF323 2119 air intake damper
DF342 0650 MIL control circuit
DF374 060B calculator
DF394 0420 Failure Functional Catalyst
DF409 0461 fuel level sensor circuit
DF532 2502 alternator charges Information
DF559 0480 small speed fan control relay
DF567 160C calculator
DF569 2263 Boost Circuit
DF619 EGR valve open blocked 0402
DF631 0703 Information brake switch
DF641 2100 Circuit of the air intake flap
DF644 0001 Circuit fuel flow regulator
DF645 0638 regulation position of the air inlet flap
DF646 0120 position sensor air damper on intake
DF647 0488 position control of the EGR valve
DF648 060A calculator
DF651 0470 turbine upstream pressure sensor circuit
DF652 0544 Turbine upstream temperature sensor circuit
DF653 0263 Cylinder fuel injection calibration; 1
DF654 0266 Cylinder fuel injection Calibration; 2
DF655 0269 Cylinder fuel injection Calibration; 3
DF656 0272 Cylinder fuel injection Calibration; 4
DF721 0217 Motor overtemperature
DF771 0002 Adaptive flow control
DF778 2080 Turbine upstream temperature control
DF885 0087 Rail pressure
DF887 0226 Brake Pedal Position/ accelerator
DF897 0090 Circuit pump pressure regulator
DF974 0225 Pedal potentiometer circuit track 1
DF975 2120 Pedal potentiometer circuit track 2
DF987 0575 Keys cruise control / speed limiter
DF991 1205 Control circuit particle filter injector
DF992 1644 heater relay control 1
DF993 1645 relay control heater 2
DF994 1646 heater relay control 3
DF997 1650 Control box connection Heaters
DF998 0471 turbine inlet pressure
DF1001 1545 upstream temperature control particle filter
DF1012 1525 Coherences information multiplexed for RV / LV
DF1013 0525 monitoring cruise control inputs
DF1014 0574 Consistency vehicle speed
DF1015 0504 Brake Contact Information Consistency
DF1016 0833 Consistency clutch Contact Information
DF1017 061A calculator
DF1018 062B calculator
DF1020 253F engine oil dilution
DF1063 C415 multiplexed trajectory control Link
DF1068 0530 fluid pressure sensor voltage for cooling. **
DF1089 012B boost pressure Consistency
DF1195 047A Circuit Sensor * Relative pressure particle filter
DF1196 047B relative pressure sensor particle filter
DF1237 0403 EGR valve control circuit
DF1252 1632 particle filter circuit solenoid injector
DF1331 2503 System voltage – Low
DF1334 2031 catalyst upstream temperature sensor circuit
DF1355 1656 TCU Multiplex connection
DF00 Injection – Coolant temperature sensor circuit.
DF001 Injection – Water temperature sensor circuit

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